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Charlotte Gentry
Lower back & hip pain
I am very thankful to Tara for helping me with a flare in my lower back & hip today. I left feeling much better than when I came. She was very knowledgeable, conscientious, and intuitive in assessing my situation and delivering the proper amount and type of pressure during the massage. I would definitely recommend her to others.
Claire Jenkins
Pain Relief, skilled After seeing other massage therapists, I am convinced that Tara Lone is the most skilled therapist/healer that I have ever encountered. Two months ago, I arrived in pain, barely able to walk. 90 minutes later, I was able to move in comfort and could actually enjoy the rest of my evening. Now we're at the point where she is moving on from dealing with my immediate back and hip issues to getting me healthy enough to start a workout regimen. I want to give the highest recommendation to Tara at iHeart Massage Therapy. Being able to schedule my appointment online is also a plus!
Neck Pain/Migraines This is the best massage I’ve had. Tara is amazing. I had been having really bad neck pain and migraines. She focused a lot on my neck and shoulders and I left feeling completely relieved. Will definitely go back. I scheduled my next appointment for 2 weeks out. Looking forward to the next time.
Shoulder Pain Relief
Tara is an excellent massage therapist. I have been struggling with bilateral frozen shoulder for several months & one side has just not cooperated. After one massage using therapeutic techniques my range of motion has improved greatly & the pain has decreased significantly.  What a relief!

The website is super-easy to use and I love that you can book and pay in advance online. Super convenient!
Wonderful & Relaxing This was my first massage in a long time and I have to say it was the most wonderful and relaxing experience! I felt so at ease and comfortable the entire time. This is the best place to go in the triad, hands down!
Tina R.
Relief from daily grind Went to see Tara today for my first visit. I have never wanted to see a massage therapist because I am not comfortable being touched. 
Tara immediately made me feel very comfortable. After 30 minutes I can say she changed my view on massages 100%!
I will recommend her to anyone interested in relief from the daily grind life has on our body!
I will be returning!
Karen Pugh
Range of motion is back. Excellent massage therapist! I had difficulties achieving range of motion in shoulder after biking accident. None of my PT visits were helpful and my arm stayed stiff. After 5 visits to Tara, my arm became completely straight. Now I hardly believe I had such a serious injury about 8 months ago
Karl Walter
Improves Pain A body work specialist is a more appropriate title.  She is able to think and test the way through any number of ailments and, in the end, help improve pain.  I have seen her over the years for neck pain, knee pain, migraines, back pain, and have never been disappointed.   Shee can usually figure out the problem within a few visits, if not the first one, and get me back to doing the activities I love to do quickly. Thank you for what you do in this field.! 
Low Back Relief She is a master healer, even for people with herniated disks, Low back injuries, sprains, Neck pain and other challenges. I recommend her highly. Advanced massage techniques, she listens, and is in tune with what my body is saying even when I cannot explain to her very well. My friends & neighbor have been referred, and they also have been thrilled with the results! - josie b.
Anna Graham
Feel like a new person This is my 3rd visit with Tara in 3 weeks. She has helped me so much with my Plantar Fasciitis. I can walk again without feeling like I am stepping on broken glass, which has been extremely painful at best for the last 7-8 months. Can't say enough about her professionalism, skills, & the fact she genuinely cares. Just booked a 90 minute for next week! It's that good. 
Tracey Gold
Easy to book online! Extremely easy to book a session online. No wait time at the appointment. Very friendly, the environment is so relaxing  AND the massage was amazing!!! Love that Tara asked what areas I need help with...  I am definitely feeling better after one massage session and WILL be back for regular maintenance. Once a month for sure. 
Migraines GONE! I have had severe chronic migraines everyday. I have tried multiple medicines, ice packs, warm towels, sleeping, hot bathes, :etc. Nothing has worked UNTIL Tara. I’ve seen her for over 4 years & My body knows when I haven’t seen her. I just don’t have the migraines anymore. She listens & takes extra time to apply pressure where I didn’t even know I needed it. I used to just feel really sick &  dizzy, so 
Going Back ASAP!
Erin G. Totally going back for MORE! From the online booking to the atmosphere its Fantastic! thank YOU for listening and making my day so much better! 
Amazing Staff & Owner I have had numerous massages, & MANY at I Heart MassageTherapy and all of them have been great to excellent! My fave therapist is Tara. She's quiet and strong. I prefer a firm massage. The staff are all friendly and the owner is quite responsive. I like her. I will be back.
Review WOW! I can't say enough great things about this place! I have suffered low back pain & shoulder issues for almost 2 decades. I stopped going to traditional medical practices years ago, & began going for more holistic treatments. Tara is Pleasant, good vibes, great technique and pressure!! I no longer suffer like I did. That speaks volumes!
Great Practitioner Awesome massage, calming atmosphere, and a wonderful staff at i Heart Massage! Very accommodating and easy to book online! 
Casey Jones Wow! I have been to several therapists in the last 15 years, and no one compares to Tara. She takes the time to feel what IS going on in the area of concern. My shoulders, and neck have felt the best. I go weekly because I have never had the type of excellence in treatment. Thank YOU AGAIN FOR BEING A THERAPIST. I wish more people knew how good the could actually feel!!
Angela F.
Consistently Wonderful Massages! I've been a regular for over 3 years. Tara & April do a great job & ARE skilled, caring therapists. The environment is calming, the staff are personable & thorough, the online booking is SO convenient, the location is central, they are open on weekends .... and I feel terrific after each visit. I have referred numerous friends and family over the years & they are still happy clients. If you are looking for a good massage, just once or on a regular basis, this is your spot.

Silvia R
Wonderful place for massage Tara Lone is the best massage therapist from whom I've ever had the privilege to receive treatment. As an active person I have had lots of body work from therapists on several continents, and while each has their strengths and many have great technique, none have come anywhere near Tara's level of care. This is because her care encompasses way more than a 'mere' massage. On top of being very skilled and technically great, Tara is knowledgeable not only about the human body's mechanics, but also about the complexities of our nervous systems. Her skills and wide knowledge, listens well (and this is very important for an overall healing), and is capable of connecting the dots and thus finding the best ways of helping with one's healing process. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Tara to anyone. Whether you're dealing with serious trouble (any muscular, structural, postural problems, even inflammatory diseases like joint pain and frozen shoulder), or you're looking to maintain and support good health, TARA is a wonderful, holistic therapist, who's also a kind person and a generous spirit.
Testimonial Excellent massage, professional and quiet atmosphere. I would easily recommend this business to any and all friends and family. 

I had a lower back pain and occasional muscle spasms since last summer. After four visits I had dramatic improvement and the spasms were completely gone. I can't thank you enough! I will recommend your clinic to everyone who is in need for a good massage. This is my second review. I'm just a very happy client! 
Thank you!